My Novels

Murder with Monsters:

"It's hard enough working homicide when your diet consists of human blood, but detective Mildred Heavewater tries not to get hungry at work. Her crime scenes are even messier than usual, considering they all involve inter-species crime. Werewolves, wendigos, and gargoyles all keep life interesting. Add on a ghostly Jewish mother and a lovesick sasquatch co-worker, and Mildred thought she had a full set of problems. That was before the most impossible murder in New York history showed up..." Click here!

Anthologies I'm In

Ain't Supersititous

Inside this anthology is my tale of the night that rabbis, ghosts, demons, and Lilith herself all collide at a Babies R' Us. Click here!

Candlesticks and Daggers:

An Anthology of Mixed Genre Mysteries

When an ambitious investment broker murders his undead girlfriend, vampire police girl Mildred Heavewater finds herself playing Columbo in "Death's Pale Blossom." Click here!

Hidden Youth:

Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History

In 18th Century Poland, a young bagel seller is tormented by a sadistic policeman. His rabbi grandfather has the most unlikeliest recipe for revenge in "The Bread-Thing in the Basket." Click here!

Miskatonic Nightmares

Something's been lurking in the library, just out of sight. It's been there for years, but the time is finally right. It's a night of terror when a lone student encounters "The Rat in the Library Walls." Click here!